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Mp3 Recordable Wireless Doorbell

Model No.: FX-F5-Z53 Pro

The revolutionary smart doorbell kit which uses RF kinetic energy (mechanical energy transformed into electrical energy each time the button is pressed). This eliminates the need for batteries and wireless connectivity.In addition, incorporating patent technology, it’s the world first recordable door chime that allows you to plug & play a MP3 device and set your own song as the chime.

Main Features:

Stylish modern design fits into any home and office 

Personalize your doorbell ringtones freely – simply record song using plug audio 

Kinetic doorbell push - NO batteries required – fit and forget (maintenance free) 

Pre-programmed with 8 selectable melody chimes for quick and easy set-up.  

Equipped with a 3.5 inch co-axial speaker to produce excellent sound quality 

4 levels of volume control up to 120dB 

Simple to use and easy-to-install without the hassle of running any wires 

With up to 500FT operating range in open space,100m audible range 

Expandable, allowing you to pair various transmitters to the receiver

Using learning code to prevent interference from other wireless transmitters 

Smart memory, automatically save selected ringtone after a power outage 

High quality, approved with CE,FCC,RoHS certification

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