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Smart ultrasonic aroma diffuser

Model No.: SJA-15

The smart WiFi enabled diffusers use ultrasonic technology to disperse the healing powers of aromatherapy in a cool mist around your living space, avoiding heat and thereby ensuring you enjoy the unadulterated,essential scents of your oils/fragrance. Combining the beauty of atmospheric mood lights and beautiful design, these diffusers lend a touch of beauty to your home. They are able to be operated manually, or  remote control from the App when connected to WIFI,they are also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa for the convenience of voice control.

Main Features:
Super quiet with the ultrasonic atomization technology
7-color atmosphere lights change intelligently
Remote control from anywhere with smartphone APP
Easy to schedule the diffuser running as you needed
Automatically turn off when the water run out
Works with Alexa and Google Assistant for hand-free voice control

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