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Wireless DIY security alarm system

Model No.: SA-1168-WS03


This Wireless Alarm is easy to Do-It-Yourself, 100% wireless operating without the hassle of wiring, you can customize this alarm system according to your needs. It will provide a visible deterrent with flashing LEDs  and a loud 120dB alert when an alarm goes off.

Main Features:

Loud and visible alert

Up to 120dB loud and visible flashing alert when the alarm system detects a break-in or movement.

Simple, Reliable and Hassle-free

100% wireless operating without the hassle of wiring ,easy to install and setup in minutes without tools or professional installation

Flexible and expandable

Easy to expand your alarm with the wireless sensors & detectors to fit any home or apartment.

You can even pair a doorbell push with the siren to function as a wireless doorbell

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