US:E smart lock with facial recognition technology
Release Time : 2018-12-26 Share :

A new smart lock has been developed by ElecPro which is equipped with a camera and capable of offering uses facial recognition as a way to secure access. The built-in camera connects to the smartphone companion application to provide two-way audio, fingerprint scanning and additional security with facial recognition. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the US:E smart lock.

Utilising facial recognition security provides the US:E smart lock with advantages over competitors and allows you to secure an open access to your apartment, home or business in a variety of different ways including smartphone, fingerprint scanning, password, physical keys, key fob and facial recognition.

“With the built-in Infrared 3D recognition technology and an innovative 4-level A.I. recognition, US:E recognizes you day or night. US:E can store up to 50 faces. Photos & videos cannot bypass the system. Facial recognition is one of the most secure ways of biometric authentication. The best part about it? It is immune to duplication. “

The camera equipped smart lock has this week launched via Kickstarter and is now available to back with earlybird pledges available from $169 for the password version and facial recognition available to early bird backers from $199. If all goes well worldwide shipping is expected to commence during May 2019. For more details jump over to the official campaign page by following the link below.