Face recognition smart door lock
Opening a New Intelligent Door Lock Security Revolution
3D Face Recognisation
3D Face Recognition
Face unlock
APP control
Comes with 1080P HD
resolution camera
360 degree panoramic super-angle of view, clear and delicate image
Key fob unlock
Our smart door is made of zinc alloy material, acrylic panel, exquisite card fob,
easy to carry, magnetic lasting sensitive, moisture-proof sunscreen, etc., and is quick and convenient to open the door.

The world's advanced 3D face recognition technology
Our 3D face recognition technology adopts three-dimensional dynamic recognition, completely eliminating the possibility
of plane photo,face sculpture, 3D printing, imitating and unlocking of face grinding tools.
US;E smart lock has advanced technology and high technology content.

Wireless Doorbell Function
The wireless doorbell function of US:E smart lock can notify you while visitor press the button.
Smart Phone APP Remote Control
When you are not at home, you can remotely unlock and monitoring your front door via the mobile phone APP, remote video call with your visitor is also.