Enjoy your life
We use C-Touch capacitive touch sensor and bio fingerprint technology to open the door in one step,and make our lives better!
Bank level fingerprint technology
We use financial-grade fingerprint technology,
which has low rejection rate and is more stable and safe.
Artificial intelligence fingerprint algorithm
The fingerprint recognition rate is high and the versatility is good. The artificial intelligence is used to optimize the dry and wet fingerprints.
Independent fingerprint 
storage technology
With an independent storage system, it can register and store 300 users, completely separate from the network and Safeguard user property. Anti-lock status sensor makes life smarter
Self study, data encryption
Fingerprint splicing, image recognition, and self-learning algorithms make fingerprint recognition more intelligent and powerful.
Once the artificial intelligence door lock is used, it will continuously reduce the rejection rate and increase the pass rate,
and start to understand you. And fingerprint encryption, app encryption, communication encryption, make it safe and reliable.
Easy to Install
We provide special installation tools, easy to operate, quick to install, stable, safe, secure